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pimco Model portfolios

PIMCO Model Portfolios take an outcome-oriented approach, allocating across their deep bench of actively and passively managed ETFs that span a wide range of investment mandates. The allocations are reviewed at least quarterly. As market conditions and PIMCO’s views evolve, so too do the models’ allocations. 

The PIMCO Taxable Fixed Income portfolios are designed to increase income and return potential while preserving traditional fixed income benefits. The PIMCO Tax Aware Fixed Income portfolios are designed to increase after-tax income and return potential, while preserving traditional fixed income benefits.

Portfolio Marketplace

franklin templeton model portfolios

Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions (FTIS) translates a wide variety of investor goals into portfolios powered by Franklin Templeton’s best thinking around the globe. The team includes more than 80 investment professionals, specializing in strategic asset allocation and tactical positioning, fundamental and quantitative research, active integration, and risk management.


Franklin Templeton’s Core Allocation models seek the highest level of total return consistent with distinct risk profiles. Choose from eight highly diversified models designed by a team of portfolio construction experts. Franklin Templeton’s Multi Manager Dynamic Income Models seek to deliver higher levels of income than traditional portfolios while balancing capital appreciation potential at measured levels of risk.


Portfolio Marketplace


The T. Rowe Price Allocation Active Series is a suite of diversified, multi-asset, model portfolios across a range of risk/return profiles from conservative, income-oriented to higher growth-focused. Composed of actively managed funds, these models can help you efficiently address a variety of long-term client objectives across a range of risk profiles. 

Portfolio Marketplace


The First Trust High Income Model prioritizes high income with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. The First Trust RBA US Equity ETF Model aims to provide you with a potential equity allocation portfolio based on the expertise of Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC (RBA).

Portfolio Marketplace


Russell Investments is a industry-leading partner, offering A series of broadly diversified and dynamically managed multi-asset portfolios designed to maximize after-tax return for investors’ taxable dollars. This offering includes five options including active, tax-managed equity funds and tax-exempt bond funds.

Portfolio Marketplace


Path Portfolios draws on the Invesco Investment team’s expertise across active, passive, and factor-based investing. Path is designed to use the most cost-efficient vehicle for achieving the desired exposure. Path includes 23 investment options, with 7 standard models, 7 tax aware models, and bullet shares.